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The mission of Kennedy Road Middle School is to help students be prepared, accept responsibility, work hard, and show respect in an environment where everyone is accountable.

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Spring Parent SurveyTop of Page

Hello Parents!
The Griffin-Spalding County School System (GSCS) needs your help evaluating parent engagement programs and school quality for the 2018-2019 school year. Please take a few minutes to complete our Spring Parent Survey, which will help us know how to meet the interests and needs of your family more effectively. Please answer each question as openly and honestly as possible. Your answers will be anonymous. Only one survey should be completed per household. You can access it by following the link below.
Thank you for participating. We appreciate and value your opinions. Please feel free to contact Rachael Bama or Antoinette Huguley if you have any questions or would like any further information.

Middle School Family Transition SurveyTop of Page

Parents of upcoming 6th graders,
Please take a moment to complete this survey to help us make the transition from elementary to middle school as smooth as possible for your child.  Thank you for your support and any feedback you can provide.