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My name is Gregory Craig and this is my 4th year as the School Counselor and PBIS Coach at Kennedy Road Middle School. Several years ago, my career started off with me serving 3 years as the only Middle School Counselor for over 650 students at Henderson Middle School.  I went on to serve as a High School Counselor for 4 years at Gainesville High School, where I served on the committee which helped the school to be recognized as a Georgia School of Excellence. I then served as the Lead Counselor at Jackson High School for over 10 years, where I served on a state-level Counseling Advisory Committee for 6 years.  I understand the unique opportunities and challenges that students face, having also taught students at the middle, high and college levels, courses, which includes, Career and Professional Development, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Science. While teaching high school Chemistry and serving as a part-time School Counselor for students, K-12, at Faith Christian Academy,  I was honored to be named  the Star Teacher, where I helped a student to earn a $500,000.00 Scholarship to attend the Air force Academy. Prior to my journey leading me back to my first love, Middle School Counseling, I was the ISS Teacher at Spalding High School.
I received my undergraduate education from both University of Alabama and Tuskegee University, and received my B.S. Degree in Biology and My Master’s Degree in Counseling from Tuskegee University. I went on to receive my Master’s level Certification in School Counseling from Georgia State University.
I value community engagement and have served on the United Way Board of Directors, Girls Inc. Board of Directors and the Alliance for Literacy Board of Directors each, for 4 year terms. Throughout my career in education, I have sponsored 4 different clubs for over 17 years.
My goal as the school counselor is to use my experience and knowledge to assist in preparing our students to make the transition from middle school to the high school; and to help to remove various barriers which may interfere with their learning, by providing professional counseling services and resources.

"Insist on yourself; never imitate...Every great man is unique."


R. W. Emerson

Project Wisdom: Character Education

Project Wisdom is the system-wide character education initiative that will be implemented in each Griffin-Spalding County School, including Kennedy Road Middle School. Character education is an intentional effort to help students understand, care about, and act upon core ethical values. Good character education improves social and emotional competencies as well as academic performance. Current evidence suggests that good character education raises

student grades and test scores. Project Wisdom encourages students to reflect upon the meaning of civic and personal values and the application of those values in their daily lives. Key findings from recent evaluation of Project Wisdom include:

• Decreases incidents of bullying/teasing

• Decreases discipline referrals to the office

• Promotes positive school climate

• Increases students’ self-awareness, social awareness, self-management,

relationship skills, and responsible decision-making

Project Wisdom, 2013

Weekly Themes:

Each week we will focus on one or a few specific character traits that will be our weekly theme. All character lessons and activities will focus on the weekly theme.

Daily Messages:

Each morning during announcements a message will be read that discusses one of the character traits that correspond to the weekly theme. After announcements, teachers are asked to briefly discuss the daily message with their


Daily Activity:

Each day every teacher will conduct a short character education lesson that corresponds with the daily message. Each grade level will more than likely conduct a different lesson but all lessons will reinforce the daily message and promote the weekly theme.

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