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Welcome to Kennedy Road Middle School's Connection Page!
Connections classes allow students to explore their needs, interests, talents, and skills in a variety of areas that may become the basis for considering educational goals in high school. 

Connections classes also assist students in developing an understanding of the relationship between facts, skills, and information learned in academics, as well as, help students to apply what they learn in school to current issues in their lives.

Connections classes include four areas: Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Art), Health & Physical Education, Vocation (Computer Applications, Keyboarding, & Technology), and Academic Support (ALEKS, Math, & Read 180).

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Coach B - Athletic Director and Physical Education

Mr. Chauncey - Reading Remediation
Mr. Davenport - Business and Computer Science
Mr. Knapp - Technology Education and Team Leader
Mr. Sorrell - Band and Chorus
Coach Wilder - Health

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Janet Boerner
Robert Chauncey
Derek Wilder
Gary Sorrell


Jonathan Knapp
Arthur Davenport


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